Surf Stars Camp (3 days and 2 nights)
Our programs are designed to show you the types of activities that can be included in your next camp.
We can prepare a program to suit your needs, you have total flexibility over what activities to include,
how long the camp should be, right down to what sort of catering you require. Our aim is to make all
Club Lorne camps not only enjoyable and educational but hassle free.

Day 1
Brief outline of camp rules. Allocate bunkrooms.
2 – 3:30PM
Grp A: Introduction Surf Session, Grp B: Sanctuary Walk
3:30 – 5PM
Grp A: Sanctuary Walk, Grp B: Introduction Surf Session
5 – 6PM
Free time (pool, table tennis etc.)
6 – 7:30PM
Dinner: barbeque on the balcony
7:30 – 9PM
Night beach walk to pier and back
9 – 11PM
Karaoke / Games (pool or table tennis)
Day 2
Breakfast: cereal, toast, fruit juice, bacon and eggs
10 – 12PM
Grp A: Further surfing skills, Grp B: Walk to Teddy's lookout
12 – 1:30PM
Lunch: meat, salad rolls, fruits etc.
2 – 4:30PM
Grp A: Walk to Teddy's lookout, Grp B: Further surfing skills
4:30 – 6PM
Elective ( ocean kayaks or beach games e.g. volleyball)
6 – 7:30PM
Dinner: Lasagne
7:30 – 9PM
Night beach walk to Erskine River or Sanctuary
9 – 11PM
Karaoke / Games (pool or table tennis)
Day 3
Breakfast: cereal , toast, fruit juice, bacon and eggs
9:30 – 11AM
Mini Surf Carnival: fun competions on the beach
11 – 12PM
Pack-up and clean-up
12 – 1PM
Lunch and depart camp for BSSC