At Club Lorne Camp our prices are extremely competetive, and can be tailored to fit most budgets. For example a 3 day Camp including all food Accomodation and surfing lessons each day would start from $245 per person. Our facilities and equipment are second to none and we are a fully Accredited Camp with the ACA. This means all industry approved standards are met in terms of safety,booking procedures, and of course the required $10 million public liability insurance. While most surf related activities do incur a cost, many of our activities at Club Lorne are free of charge. You will find our surf related activity not only offers the best in Facilities, equipment and training our costs are also more than competitive with other surf schools in this area.

Please contact camp director, Phil Sutton by phone, fax or email, to discuss your specific program requirements. These can then be tailored to suit your individual budgetary requirements.
Finally, when organizing a camp, please be aware of our minimum numbers.

These are:

50 for October – April
30 for May – September